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      Battery BSMI certification

      BSMI certification introduction

      BSMI is the Bureau of Standards and Inspections of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The National Bureau of Weights and Measures established in 1930 was the highest inspection authority for the Republic of China, responsible for national standards, weights and measures, and commodity inspections. The product inspection standards for electronic and electrical products in Taiwan are formulated by BSMI. Products must comply with safety and EMC tests and related tests before they can be authorized to use the BSMI logo. Electrical and electronic product testing is based on three programs: Type Approval (T); Validation Login (R) and Declaration of Conformity (D).

      BSMI standard

      Application model and verification mark
      Verification Login (R)Declaration of Conformity (D)Type Approval (T)
      natureElectromagnetic Compatibility and Safety Regulations

      Factory inspectionNo need to use other than type mode ll+vllNeed notNeed not
      Application preparation instructions

      Applying for a company's company registration certificate or for-profit business registration certificate

      1. BSMI application

      2. Compliance with ISO certification or inspection report for models other than 2+3

      3. Difference description Deviation description (for a series of model applications)

      4. Square Block Diagram & Circuit Diagram Circuit Diagrams & PCB Diagram (Part & Copper Face)

      5. Important parts list Circuit components Certificates and specifications

      6. Chinese label & Chinese manual

      7. One Transformer, Coil Specification Transformer and Choke

      8. Product appearance and power board/including size

      9. BSMI CNS Certificate of Power Cord Set
      A random CB Report or RPC certificate is required for a Power random job. If the change, extension, series (plus or minus model) is required to provide the original certificate

      Local testBSMI designated laboratories, local or foreign laboratories
      Local agentsYes
      Certificate validity periodVerification of registration and type approval certificate for three years can be extended once for three years

      Lithium battery BSMI certification

      On November 20, 2013, the Bureau of Economics and Standards announced that: As of May 1, 2014, 3C secondary lithium cells/batteries, secondary lithium mobile power supplies and chargers must be inspected according to the relevant standards. Only when they meet the requirements can they enter Taiwan. market.

      Should test product name3C Secondary Lithium Battery/Group (except for button type)3C lithium secondary mobile power3C battery charger
      Testing standards

      CNS 15364 (99 edition)

      CNS 15634 (102 edition)
      CNS 14587-2 (102 edition)

      CNS 15364 (99 edition)

      CNS 15634 (102 edition)

      CNS 14336-1 (99th edition)

      CNS 13438 (95 edition)

      CNS 14857-2 (102 edition)

      CNS14336-1 (99th edition)

      CNS134408 (93 Edition)
      CNS13438 (95 edition)

      Remarks: CNS15364:99 is valid until April 30th, 2014; batteries, batteries and mobile power only do CNS14857-2 (102 years) capacity test.
      inspection methodAuthentication Login (Mode 2+3)Authentication Login (Mode 2+3)Authentication Login (Mode 2+3)


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