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      National standard for mobile power GB/T 35590:2017 officially released soon

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      I. Introduction to Standards: GB/T 35559:2017 specifies the technical requirements, test methods, quality assessment procedures and marking, packaging, transportation and storage of portable power supplies for portable digital devices. . Especially for the rated capacity, rated energy, environmental adaptability, safety regulations. It will provide a more accurate technical basis for follow-up product design and R&D, supervision, random inspection and transportation identification.

      In accordance with the requirement of the standardization law, in order to harmonize with the requirements of mandatory national standards, in the mobile power standard GB/T 35590, the relevant safety requirements respectively cite the other two mandatory national standards - —GB  31241-2014 “Safety Requirements for Lithium-ion Batteries and Batteries for Portable Electronic Products” and GB4943.1-2011 “ Information Technology Equipment Safety Part 1: General Requirements”. As a core component, lithium-ion batteries used in portable mobile power supplies need to meet the requirements of GB 31124-2014, and the overall safety of mobile power supplies must comply with GB 4943.1-2011.

      In the standard, the definition of various terms is clarified. At the same time, specific requirements for various aspects of mobile power are specified, including appearance identification, performance, safety protection, safety, and electromagnetic compatibility. Environmental adaptability, limited use of restricted substances, etc. For example, mobile power cycle life should not be less than 300 times, the product must have overshoot protection, over discharge protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, misoperation protection.

      Second, the scope of application of the standard:

      1. A mobile power source is a combination of a battery or a battery pack, a corresponding circuit, and a housing, which can provide a stable DC output. The non-stationary power supply system, and no more than 18kg of predetermined power that can be carried by the user.

      2. The input voltage for portable digital devices is not more than 250V, the output DC voltage is not more than 60V, the single-port output current is not more than 5A, and the mobile power with wired output mode is used.



      3. 28 test items specified in the standard:

      Appearance and logo

      effective output capacity< Br/>
      Capacity retention
      cycle life

      conversion efficiency

      output voltage
      brightness And noise

      Power adaptability in charged state overcharge protection
      overdischarge protection
      short circuit protection

      Overload protection
      complete electrical safety

      batteries and batteries

      Material Flame Retardation
      Strain Relief

      Restricted Power

      High Temperature Charge/Discharge
      radio disturbance


      Constant damp heat

      Temperature cycling


      Free fall

      Restricted substance limit
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